Walter Alessandro Santu, Nicola Pongolini and Antonino Fiorentino won both Swedish trios in medal games and marched for European Championship gold. Italians made also history because they are now first trio in EMC history, who have won gold two times in a row. 

Link: Watch Trios final game here (YouTube)

Walter Alessandro Santu, Nicola Pongolini and Antonino Fiorentino won also celebrated gold in 2019. In yesterday final game they beat Swedish trio Markus Jansson, Pontus Andersson ja William Svensson 683-657. Santu was in big role and did three strikes in tenth frame. After the win, Italians celebrated wildly. 

– This is amazing and feels special when we won with the same trio in Munich three years ago and we wanted this medal here. One might think that the last time was little bit lucky for us, but now we have witnessed our level at the latest, Fiorentino said in the middle of the gold celebration.

The Italians also won the Swedish second trio James Blomgren, Martin Larsen and Jesper Svensson in the semi-finals 647-643.

– We won both of the Swedish trios and I think it adds value to this gold medal. Sweden got a great start in the final and we were pretty much in trouble after the first three frames. In the end, we knew we were close, and at that point, it’s just focused as hard as possible, Fiorentino says.

Another bronze traveled to Denmark for Thomas Larsen, Jesper Agerbo, and Carsten Hansen, who lost their semi-final game against Jansson, Andersson, and William Svensson 654-621. 

Link: All the results