Tomas Käyhkö and Niko Oksanen (FIN) broke three game record in EMC history and won doubles qualification.

In doubles semi-finals we will see match between Finnish pairs. Tomas Käyhkö and Niko Oksanen will play against Kimmo Lehtonen and Juho Rissanen. Another semi-final match will be between Jesper Svensson and James Blomgren from Sweden against Maxime Dubois and Gaetan Mouveroux from France.

Before the semi-finals of the doubles, we have the singles semi-finals: Markus Jansson (SWE) VS Tomas Käyhkö and Jaroslav Lorenc (CZE) VS Niko Oksanen.

Oksanen and Käyhkö broke the record result of the three games in the history of men’s European Championships. The duo bowled 1523 points in three games. The previous record was also in the name of the Finns, when in 2016 Joonas Jähi and Osku Palermaa bowled 1486 points in Brussels.

Tomas Käyhkö also broke the record results of the three games in the EMC history with his games: 279,279 and 277, total of 835 points. The previous record was held by the Swedish Jesper Svensson, 824 points also in Brussels in 2016.

Link: All the results of EMC

Scheudle – medal games:

16.00-16.30 Singles Semi-Finals
16.30-17.00 Lane Maintenance
17.00-17.45 Doubles Semi-Finals
18.00-18.45 Doubles Finals (Live TV)
18.45-19.00 Lane Maintenance
19.00-19.30 Singles Finals (Live TV)
19.30-19.45 Medal Ceremony, Singles
19.45-20.00 Medal Ceremony, Doubles