Markus Jansson is European Champion in Singles. His teammates James Blomgren and Jesper Svensson won gold in Doubles. Team Finland achieved four medals on Sunday and French Maxime Dubois and Gaetan Mouveroux got bronze medals from Doubles. Jaroslav Lorenc from Czech Republic achieved silver in Singles.

The Doubles and Singles medal games in the men’s European Championships ended in the Swedish Gold festival when Markus Jansson won the single European Championship. Jesper Svensson and James Blomgren won the European Championships in the Doubles. In the final they played against Kimmo Lehtonen and Juho Rissanen. Tomas Käyhkö and Niko Oksanen received two bronze medals in both Doubles and Singles.

Markus Jansson won Jaroslav Lorenc 271-192 in the singles final. Jansson got a rocket start and he bowled nine strikes from the start.

– I’m pretty speechless right now. Definitely the best feeling you can get from bowling. In the final, I focused and managed to get strikes. Anyway, this is one of the best European Championships I’ve ever been, so it’s great to be here, says Jansson. 

Markus Jansson.

Jesper Svensson bowled also ten strikes from the start in the Doubles final game. Svensson and Blomgren bowled high score 512. Lehtonen and Rissanen got total score 382.

– Great feeling. Most of all, I am delighted that Team Sweden achieved two golds today and that we played around well in the medal games. With Blomgren, we got a good start in the final and after that we played with a lot of confidence. Really solid performance from both of us today, said Jesper Svensson after medal ceremony.

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